Yellow Day 4/9/2019
Teachers Day    5/9/2019
Vehicle Day  7/9/2019
Onam Celebration        10/9/2019
Story telling Lion and The Mouse (Nursery)
Science Experiment Air needs combustion (Sr.K.G.)

Float and sink (Nursery)


Puppy Face (Sr.K.G. )

Puppy Face (Jr.K.G.)

House (Nursery)

Campus Visit


                                                                                                                     First Term Revision Test


  • Yellow DAY (4th  Sep 2019)


Yellow Day celebration was done. Cartoon characters were the theme for the Yellow Day. Best two well dressed children in yellow were given gifts.

  • TEACHERS DAY (5th SEP 2019)


Teachers’ Day Celebration was on 5/9/19. STD VIII students took the class of pre-primary section. They were given gifts as a token of appreciation.

  • Vehicle Day  (  7th Sep 2019)


Vehicles’ Day was conducted in the following ways:

  1. The exhibit of different types of transport was exhibited in the activity area.
  2. Different types of vehicle cutouts were displayed in the activity area.
  3. Children were explained about the uses of transport, different types of transport, traffic signal and safety rules while walking on the road.
  4. The children with best exhibit were given gifts.
  5. Children spoke few lines on the vehicles they came dressed as.
  6. Children were told about the numbers to be dialed in emergency.

Different class activities were as follows:

  • Onam Celebration 10/9/2019


 Onam celebration was held on 10th September 2019. Students and teachers made Rangoli with fresh flowers. Onam related Charts were displayed. Story of Onam was narrated to the children in the class.
  •  Story Telling- The Lion and the Mouse


The story of the Lion and the mouse was narrated using puppets. Children rendered the story along with the teacher. Teachers narrated the story through voice modulation. Teachers used props relating the story.

  • Campus Visit –Library


As a part of campus visit the children were taken to the library. They were briefed about the rules and regulations of the library, different books available, globe, maps etc in the library.

  • Science Experiment – Air Needs Combustion, Float and sink

It is always believed that children learn concepts faster through visualization. Some of the concepts are taught to children by experiment method. The concept of Air needs combustion was taught to children by using candle and glass. The concept of float and sink were taught to children using concrete objects like pen, key chalk, paper boat etc




To develop the fine motor skills and those children learn to form different objects by folding marble paper the origami activity are carried out in the class. The origami of puppy face was made by the children.

  • Assembly


Assembly is conducted regularly by all sections of pre-primary.
The following topics were covered during the assembly:

  1. Prayers, general topics like name of the In charge, name of the School, Days of the week, months of the year, name of the Country, state and city.
  2. Information on celebrations using books, flash cards, charts, Stories, songs
  3. Introduction of Yellow colour using books and rhymes
  4. Good manners to be followed were taught to the children.
  5. Different stories and songs related to Onam related stories were narrated in the class
  • Smart Class 

Nursery used smart class method for the introduction of different vehicles, stories, teaching rhymes and monthly syllabus.

  • Play time

  • Extra activities of Nursery class


Exploring their imagination to make new things


Pouring grains makes their concentration strong

  • First Term Revision Test

First Term Revision Test was conducted in all the sections from September 9th September to 20th September. Result was declared on 28th September 2019.

  • Birth day celebrations




Activities of Primary Section

Talent Hunt

We started the year with a talent hunt. To bring out the latent talent in the children a talent Search was organized for students of Std. V, VI and VII .Student showed their skills in singing, drawing, mono acting, skit, balancing acts &in playing musical instruments.

act act

Memory Test

To test the observation and recalling power of the students a memory test was held for students of Std. II and III in the month of June.

act act

Literary Activities

To give a boost to the literary skills of children various competitions were held.
For students of Std. I, II and III. Pick and speak, where students were asked to speak on various objects shown to them. For Std. IV story telling competition was held.
For students of Std. V, VI, VII Elocution competition was held in the month of July. It was great to see some of the Speakers speak with great confidence.

act act

Rakhi Making competition

Making Rakhis, children were made aware of the tradition of making rakhi by organizing a Rakhi – Making competition for students of Std-IV and V in the month of July. Some of the Rakhis were comparable to the market ones.

Drawing Competition

Like every year Navneet India organizing an All India Navneet drawing competition 2012. The school level competition was held for Std. I to VII on 31-7-12.
The selected drawings will be sent for the state level competition.

Quiz Competition

The general awareness of the students in various disciplines and mental ability were put to test in the Quiz Competition organized by Vodafone for students of Std. VI to IX on 25th Aug 2012.

act act

Events of Secondary & Higher Secondary Section June to August  2019

  •  Teacher’s Day 

Teachers Day was celebrated in the school on September 5th, 2019 and the celebration began at 8 am in the morning in the Primary Area ground floor. Students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers on this day. This day is dedicated to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – second President of India. The great academic philosopher and one of the most well known diplomats, scholar, president of India and above all a teacher. As a tribute to this great teacher, his birthday has been observed as teachers’ day.

A celebration was conducted by students of Secondary & Higher Secondary students by giving the speech on the Role of Teachers in a student’s life. The whole function was planned by the students. Teachers were given token of love and respect from the students who played their on the same day. This was followed by a speech by the Vice Principal Sir who spoke about the significance of Teachers Day and thanking the students for the programme. As the speech concluded, Vote of Thanks was given by Ashita ma’am.


  •  Pookalam

Designing Pookalams or Floral Carpets are considered to a major event during the Onam festival. Pookalam designing competitions was held in our school in CBSE building on 10th September, 2019. Students enthusiastically participated in the Pookalam designing competition.

The following are the winners bagged First position:


Sr. No. Name Std
1 Swapnil Bhandarkar 10 C
2 Roshni Patel 10 B
3 Devanshi Gajjar 10 C
4 Naishi Bhimani 9 B
5 Ishita Sudheeran 11 Com B
6 Divyang Desai 12 Com A


The following are the winners bagged Second position:


Sr. No. Name Std
1 Mithya Ezhava 9 B
2 Achyut Vachhani 9 A
3 Gunjan Agarwal 11 Sci A
4 Ashvi Patel 11 Com B
5 Tisha Pansuriya 10 B
6 Vanshika Patel 10 C
  • Pookalam COMPETITION (10th Sept 2019)

Result sheet

House Name points scored PREVIOUS points scored Total points scored Result
Panther 20 280 280 I
Lion 30 90 120 III
Tiger 40 230 270 II
Cheetah 10 85 95 IV

Event wise Result Sheet:

House Make a Product Extempore Antakshari Talent Hunt Pook alam Total Rank
Panther 10 50 40 180 20 300 I
Lion 0 40 10 40 30 120 III
Tiger 45 45 30 110 40 270 II
Cheetah 35 0 20 30 10 95 IV
  • Hindi Diwas

The staff members and class 9th students of SNGV celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September, 2019 in the school as a mark of acknowledgement of HINDI as the National Language. Mr. Kiran Pandya sir spoke on the occasion and tried to spread the message “Hindi hamaari shaan hai; desh ka abhimaan hai.” He emphasized that we should be proud of our national language & should learn to speak in public domain without any hesitation.

Some of the highlighting activities of this day are essay writing, Hindi poem recitation, recitation of Kabir Das ke Dohey, Rahim ke Dohey, Thulsi Das ke Dohey, songs singing and slogan writing.

  • Sanskrit Shloka Chanting Competition

On 9th September, 2019, students of class 9th participated in ‘Sanskrit Shloka Chanting Competition’ at Shivananda Ashram. 25 students participated in the competition and received participation certificate.

  • Karnavati University

On 18th September

As a part of Career counselling….

The students of class XI and XII visited the Karnavati University Uvarshad, Gandhinagar.

  • Scout and Guide

On 20th September, 2019 Scout and Guide conducted Rajya Puraskar Examination at Eklavya Hall, Thaltej.

  • “Canara Knowledge Champ “

“Canara Knowledge Champ ” Quiz competition was conducted by Canara Bank on 28/9/2019 at Dinesh Hall, Ahmedabad. Program held between 9 to 2.30pm. 4 students participated in this competition. They qualified in 1st quarter.

Name of the students are as follows
1) Devarsh Khatri(9B)
2) Manshi Thakar(10C)
3)Meet Amin(11 sci-A)
4)Kathan Shah(11 sci-B)

  • Educational Field Trip

Students of class 9th went to an excursion to Amul Butter Plant, Mahatma Mandir and Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Gandhinagar on 26th and 27th September, 2019.