From the Principal’s Desk


At the outset allow me to present the purpose of education? Is education about preparing students for a specific career? Or is it about teaching students lifelong values, discipline, and the ability to explore new ideas and to think independently ? Over the decades, the following have all been the goals of education:

  • To prepare children for citizenship
  • To cultivate a skilled workforce
  • To teach cultural literacy
  • To help students become critical thinkers
  • To help students compete in a global marketplace

While these are related goals, they demonstrate the diversity of expectations and prioritization that society and its educators must manage.

Education does not have a single purpose; it serves multiple objectives, and the relative importance of each of these objectives can be very personal.  The varied emphasis is a result of the diverse economic, social, spiritual, cultural, and political realities of our individual lives.  Likewise, how we deliver instruction, and how we measure success in school as a predictive indicator of our future success in society and, indeed, one could argue the metrics for society’s success as a whole, must be updated to match.

Shree Narayana Guru Vidyalaya began as a small endeavour to offer quality education; a right blend of Western progressive thought and Indian culture, to the glorious status it enjoys today, that of an educational institution of unparallel repute. Keeping in view the vision and goal of Shree Narayana Cultural Mission, we have been successful in creating a benchmark by having faith in our own abilities to administer the best, thereby engaging successfully in the delivery of excellence while upholding values true to the SNGV doctrine.

The school is doing a remarkable job in instilling in students a fine sense of moral values and providing them with relevant opportunities to develop their creative spirit. I am confident that this institution will continue its fine tradition of educating future generations of young people who will grow into worthy citizens of India.