SNGV (English Med.) Infrastructure


School Located in a vast expanse of serene and magnificent landscape with Huge open playground and spacious rooms.


The Schools has well ventilated, airy, spacious & modern exclusive classrooms with a seating capacity of over 120 students.


Shree Narayana Vidyalaya has built a Spacious library cum reading-room with School curriculum related books, journals & magazines on various subjects it is being made available for students after the lecture hours.

Activities Space

The Schools has allotted a room for Regular Assembly, Prayers, Facilities for Yoga Classes & Karate. Campus building makes for enough space for organizing Various Competitions & Events functions of the Schools.


The sports room in the Campus stands as a symbol of the numerous indoor-outdoor sports activities & Scout – Guide Activities. Regular games and co-curricular activities to help all round development and leadership qualities among students.