Activities of Pre-Primary Section


Parent-Teacher Interaction
Red Day
Fruit’s Day
Poem-Recitation Competition


Green Day
National Leader’s Day
Raksha Bandhan Celebration
Janmashtami Celebration
Onam Celebration


Yellow Day
Teacher’s Day
Bird’s Day
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration


Blue Day
Domestic And Wild Animal’s Day
Garba Competition
Gandhi Jayanti


Pink Day
Diwali Celebration
Drawing And Colouring Competition


Parent-Teacher Interaction
Purple Day
Helper’s Day
Sports Day
Story-Telling Colpetition
Christmas Celebration


Orange Day
Vegetable’s Day
Flower’s Day
Maths Skill Test
Uttarayan Celebration


Brown Day
Vehicle’s Day
Quiz Competition
Fancy Dress Competition
MARCH White Day
Holi Celebration


Activities The curriculum of our pre school has been evolved on the principles of early childhood care and education. It aims at overall development of a child and evolving gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language and socio-emotional development.

Gross Motor Development
Gross Motor Development: In Order To Develop Physical And Mental Being Of A Child.

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Fine Motor Development
Fine Motor Development: To Develop Hand And Eye Co-Ordination.

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Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development : To Acquire Logical And Reasoning Ability

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Socio-Emotional Development
Socio-Emotional Development: To Develop Empathy Among Children.

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Language Development
Language Development : To Develop Their Communicative Skills.

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Activities of Primary Section

Talent Hunt

We started the year with a talent hunt. To bring out the latent talent in the children a talent Search was organized for students of Std. V, VI and VII .Student showed their skills in singing, drawing, mono acting, skit, balancing acts &in playing musical instruments.

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Memory Test

To test the observation and recalling power of the students a memory test was held for students of Std. II and III in the month of June. 

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Literary Activities

To give a boost to the literary skills of children various competitions were held.

For students of Std. I, II and III. Pick and speak, where students were asked to speak on various objects shown to them. For Std. IV story telling competition was held.

For students of Std. V, VI, VII Elocution competition was held in the month of July. It was great to see some of the Speakers speak with great confidence.

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Rakhi Making competition
Making Rakhis, children were made aware of the tradition of making rakhi by organizing a Rakhi – Making competition for students of Std-IV and V in the month of July. Some of the Rakhis were comparable to the market ones.

Drawing Competition
Like every year Navneet India organizing an All India Navneet drawing competition 2012. The school level competition was held for Std. I to VII on 31-7-12.
The selected drawings will be sent for the state level competition.


Quiz Competition

The general awareness of the students in various disciplines and mental ability were put to test in the Quiz Competition organized by Vodafone for students of Std. VI to IX on 25th Aug 2012.

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Activities of Secondary & Higher Secondary

Derek’s Challenge

Derek O’Brien’s Team conducted a quiz titled ‘Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge’ in the school premises on 25th July 2012 at 8:30a.m. The Quiz was for students of standard 6 to 10. There were in all 16 students spread over 4 teams. Each team consisted of a student of class 6, 7, 8, 9/10 respectively. The whole event was well conducted and organized with all the 4 teams answering enthusiastically and logically. There were 5 rounds of questions related to G.K., Current Affairs, Logical and Analytical thinking, life skills and memory skills. The audience too participated by answering many questions. The students enjoyed and learnt many things from this event.

The names of the participants team wise are as follows:

TEAM AIR Drashti Vitthani 9 D
Keyur Valu 8 C
Hitarth Bhavsar 7 C
Khush Dave 6 A
TEAM EARTH Harsh Kachchadia 9 B
Athira Pradeepkumar 8 B
Rishi Patel 7 A
Yugma Thakore 6 D
TEAM FIRE Ridham Trivedi 10 B
Kairav Thakkar 8 C
Vedant Parikh 7 B
Prasansa Mapara 6 C
TEAM WATER Anshumalee Patel 10 A
Mit Patel 8 A
Yatharth Modi 7 D
Neh Shukla 6 B

  TEAM  FIRE surfaced  as the winners  after the long tie breaker round with Team EARTH.
     TEAM  FIRE 
participants will participate in the Inter School Quiz Competition.

derek derek


Inter House Debate Competition

The Debate Competition was held on 24th July 2012. The topic for the Debate was “Selling our own culture for a pair of Jeans”. 6 students from each house participated in the Debate. 3 spoke for the motion and 3 spoke against the motion. 2 minutes were given for the speech and 1 minute for the argument. All the participants spoke enthusiastically and even argued with full vigour. 6 prizes were given as follows:

derek derek

Best Speakers For the Motion
Position Name Class House
First Aditi Paranjape XI Sci Tiger
Second Meet Dave VIII A TIGER

Best Speakers Against the Motion
Position Name Class House
First Aesha Shah XI SCI Tiger
Second Drashti Vitthani IX D LION

Active Speakers
Position Name Class House
First Kairav Thakkar VIII C LION
Second Shrusti Shah IX D Panther