Shree narayan guru

To be a distinguished charitable educational, social and cultural Institution,
seeking to achieve highest professionalism blended with ethical values,
aimed at nurturing a vibrant society.


  • To be an excellent social organization determined to bring about remarkable transformation in the society through quality education, by establishing, conducting and maintaining educational institutions such as Schools, Colleges, Research Institutions for socio-economic research aimed at the upliftment of socially weaker sections of the society, etc.
  • To be a catalyst to spread the philosophy of Shree Narayana Guru world-wide.
  • To establish libraries and reading rooms, chartiable dispensaries, health centres, students home and public halls,etc.
  • To promote social and cultural centres and sports facilities
  • To be a hatching centre for students by creating a dynamic environment for excelling in the educational field.
  • To exemplify the advancement of knowledge in the field of management by undertaking relevant research programs
  • To impart a holistic educational system, infusing ethical and moral values, to enrich the different facets of students’ lives
  • To work in collaboration with other institutions and government in areas where we can be pivotal in making significant changes in the society